The Best Flirting Techniques

When you meet a girl that you like at a bar, offer to buy her a drink.When you meet a girl that you like at a bar, offer to buy her a drink.

Flirting can be a fun way to let someone know that you are interested. Flirting tricks can start small, and they can work up to bolder moves. No matter which technique you use, be confident. All flirting requires confidence in order to be successful. So when you see someone you like, straighten up and get ready to flirt.

The Eyes Have It

When you're ready to flirt, you need to make eye contact with the person that you like. Don't begin with a full-on stare. Instead, make eye contact for a few seconds and then look away. After a moment, glance back to let her know that you like what you see. This time, let your stare linger a bit longer.


When you see someone that you like, flash him a warm smile. Don't give a fake, half-smile that you think will look attractive. Toss a grin to the person who interests you so that he will know you are attracted. A real smile will light up your face and eyes. Smiles also bring attention to your mouth, a good thing because when a guy is interested in you, his stare will drop to your mouth (this is also true for when a woman is interested in a guy).

Compliments Work

To break the ice, begin by offering a sincere compliment to the person that interests you. If you think she has beautiful eyes, tell her. If you think that she has a great smile, then let her know. Avoid cliches when you are offering compliments and instead speak from the heart. Don't give an insincere compliment just because you think it will open up the conversation.

Space and Touching

When you are interested in someone, get closer to him. Then, you can use light, appropriate touches to signal your interest. When you're talking, you can touch his shoulder or reach for his hand. Casual touches are flirting techniques that let the other person know that you are attracted.

Take Your Time

When you're talking with a woman that you like, don't rush to get her number for a later hookup. Instead, take a break and relax. Talk with her and find out what interests she has. Open up to her a bit about yourself. After you compliment her, your second line shouldn't be a request for her number; instead, be yourself and just enjoy talking.

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