Flirting Tips to Get a Girl

A flirtatious couple.A flirtatious couple.

Women are attracted to partners who seem strong, caring and affectionate. If someone approaches with an arm of confidence, a positive outcome is more likely. So, keep flirting light, coy and playful in order to nab your next pretty woman. Remember: pick-up artist tricks usually get denied, so keep away from the player tactics.

Bring Back Chivalry

To quote Ask Men's Chris Illuminati, the way to pick up women is to "bring back some of the old-school acts of chivalry...; open a door, buy flowers and compliment her because you mean it." Women love to see that they're worth something extra, whether it be walking on the outside of the sidewalk or asking to fetch something from the snack table. Be of service--just a little bit--to leave the impression that you're willing to take care of her.

Be Upbeat

Just as misery loves company, happiness attracts company. A lively, smiling person is sure to draw the right kind of attention, so smile and act like you're glad to be in her presence. Peta of Flirt Tips states, "People love being around charismatic people because they seem to spread good feelings." Always remember, flirting is a fun pastime, not something serious and heavy. Keep it light and playful, and you'll get the same back.

Avoid "Negging" and Other Pick-Up Artist Tricks

In the last few years, the PUA (pick-up artist) movement has become popular among guys who were previously nervous and unskilled around women. Now, there are men who hit the bar scene wearing crazy outfits and trying heavy-handed, careless approaches. Stay away from these techniques, especially "negging," the practice of insulting a woman in order to corrode her self-esteem. Many women are aware of these games, and will call you out for trying them. Be genuine; don't treat women like mysterious beings that require stilted ploys and over-familiar teasing.

Touch-But Not Too Much

A bit of casual, light touch tells a woman that you're physically attracted to her. Octopus hands, however, convey that you're after one thing, and one thing only. Keep touching to simple things, like a hand at the small of the back, a small caress on the arm, or a sweep of a thumb over the palm. Keep the hands around the waistline, and don't wander too far. When it's time to progress, add in some soft strokes around the cheeks, face and hairline. Go slowly; it's better to be over-cautious than seem too eager.

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