Flirting Tips for Kids

Teen flirting can be easy and light-hearted.Teen flirting can be easy and light-hearted.

For young teenagers, flirting is a brand new and exciting world--and a terrifying one too. In the high school years (and beyond, for that matter), it is not uncommon for teens to feel tongue-tied and start stammering and turning crimson upon encountering the object of their affections. However, if done right, teen flirting can be both relaxing and enjoyable.

Be Yourself

Although the concept might sound cliche, it actually can be a strong piece of advice. Be yourself and behave in your genuine manner, as hard as that may sound sometimes. Being yourself will make you appear more relaxed and attractive to the other person, and will also not set up any false expectations about who you are, which could help to prevent any heartache in the long run.


A simple and classic smile is a subtle yet extremely effective way to flirt as a teenager. Allow your crush to catch you looking and then flash a brief but wide smile. Then turn away immediately. This flirting move is bold enough to show interest but also isn't overbearing or obvious, either. This smile can help to open up the channels for further conversations.

Text Messages

For teens, text messaging is a convenient way in which to communicate and flirt because it is non-confrontational and casual. For instance, text something such as"What are you up to?" or "I really could go for a smoothie right now!" and see where it leads. Text messaging is beneficial for especially shy types as it avoids the possibility of stuttering or turning bright red and freezing up in front of your crush. A quick text message also shows the other person that you are thinking about them.


A little bit of harmless and good-natured teasing can go a long way in the flirting world. However, it is important to make sure that it cannot be taken in a mean-spirited way, as you do not want to unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings. Joke around and have some fun. Make a complimentary joke about their brilliance in geometry, such as "Ruining the curve for everyone else in math class, huh?" and then give a sweet smile.

Body Language

Subtle body language in flirting can send some major signals. For instance, eye contact for an extended period of time while talking. Leaning in closer during a conservation. Twirling around with your hair. All of these actions send subtle signs of "interest" and "flirtation" to the other party. In some cases, flirting body signals cannot even be controlled--such as dilation of the pupils.

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