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Flirting is the precursor to dating. Learning how to flirt can get you the chance to talk to that person you saw across the room that caught your eye. Flirting can be awkward until you have had the chance to practice, and you need to be ready to get a few rejections before you find someone that responds positively to you.

Telltale Signs

It helps to know what the telltale signs are of someone that is interested in you and is positively responding to your flirting. Extended eye contact and returning a smile when you smile at them are two good places to start. If you notice that they are blushing when you smile at them, then they may be interested. Women that begin to play with their hair or chew on their fingernails could be responding positively to a guy's flirting. Guys that continually look over at a girl to make eye contact with her, or guys that realign the way they are sitting so that they can better see the girl could be interested in her advances. There is no exact science to determining when someone is responding positively to flirting, but these are some strong positive signs.

Be Polite and Ask Questions

For the most part it is a good idea to be polite when you begin a conversation with someone you have been flirting with. It is important to remember that a positive response to flirting is normally an invitation to conversation and not the green light for intimate contact. Stay an arm's length away from the person until you feel comfortable enough to move closer. Ask a lot of questions about them so that you can find things in common that you can discuss. Start by asking them what they do for a living. Other questions can involve favorite music, favorite movies and their hobbies. Once you have established common ground, begin to develop a conversation based on that.

Remember the First Impression

If a woman goes out to a club in a revealing outfit, then she is creating an image of herself that may not be who she really is. Remember that you are both making a first impression, so be yourself. Always be upfront with the someone you are flirting with. Do not try to create the image of someone that you are not because after some conversation they may figure out that you are not what you say you are and then the flirting is over. You never know when you will be flirting with someone that could wind up being very important to you in the future, so always try to be yourself and create an image that you can back up with the real you when the conversation starts.

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