Flirting Tips Toward a Guy

Many women flirt to show their interest in a guy. Availability typically determines the level of flirting. For example, a woman in a committed relationship may harmlessly flirt with someone of the opposite sex. A single woman, on the other hand, may flirt to show her interest in having a romantic relationship.

Eye Contact

Prolonged eye contact is great way for a woman to begin the flirting process and establish her interest in a guy. A confident woman may make the reverse mistake and stare at a guy. Try not to do this because staring can make a person feel awkward or embarrassed. The best balance is to lock eyes at least three times within a 10 to 15 minute period to let your target know that he is the person you are directing your flirting toward.


The smile is known as the international signal of friendliness. Smiling also is an effective flirting tool for a woman to use toward a man. It is one of the most important things she can do to make herself more attractive and more approachable. Smiling, in addition to eye contact, gives a man a clear signal to make his move, head over and start up a conversation.


Touching is the most difficult step of flirting, but it's the best way to make a subconscious impression on a guy. It can be tricky to determine the right timing for a gentle, subtle way to touch him without appearing to be too intimate. A good solution is to playfully touch his arm or knee while laughing together. Another good maneuver is to slightly lose your balance while walking so that you have balance yourself against him.

Harmless Flirtation

There also are ways that women can harmlessly flirt with her men friends. Women do this by simply laughing at jokes or teasing their colleagues in an unsuggestive manner. This flirting can and should be done in front of your partner to show the harmless and friendly nature of your actions. Harmless flirting should be discontinued if you find that your boyfriend or husband is not comfortable or if your flirting partner is misinterpreting your actions.

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