Flirting Tricks

Flirting is one way to show interest in someone.Flirting is one way to show interest in someone.

Flirting come so naturally to some people that often they are flirting without even realizing it. Knowing how, when and why to flirt is one way to draw attention to yourself. Using some simple tricks can make your flirting more noticeable and more effective. It can help you get positive attention from the person you are trying to attract.


Using your eyes as a way of flirting is a simple and easy way to convey the message of being interested in someone. When you are talking to someone, you should maintain eye contact and let your eyes gaze at different areas of the person as they speak. While talking, you can watch a person's lips or bat your eyelashes to let someone know you are interested in them. Another way to work with your eyes is to look at someone across the room, stare at them and then look away; if you keep repeating this process you are bound to get some attention.

Body Language

Body language can sometimes convey more meaning than the spoken word. To flirt with your body, you should lean in when talking to someone, brush the person's arm or shoulder with your hand while close or even simply turn your body towards him or her. If you are across the room, cross your legs and angle your body so that you are facing the person you are flirting with. Other options include simply raising your pointer finger and motioning for someone to come over to you to talk.


Your movements can say a lot, and can be useful when flirting. When you are walking toward or away from someone you are interested in, make sure to walk tall, take long strides and angle your body towards the person. You can flip your hair or even twirl a few strands around your finger while talking. Another way to show interest is to pick your things up and move to a seat closer to someone or even get up and follow that person to an area so you can "accidentally" bump in to him or her.

Next Steps

After some initial flirting with someone, you can take things to the next level. If you really are interested in someone, one of the ultimate, albeit unsubtle, ways to flirt is to come right out and tell the person you are interested in him or her. You can be bold and ask the person to join you for a drink or intimate conversation or simply ask for the person's phone number. If you are not sure how the other person will respond, you can drop your business card or a note into the person's hand, give a sly smile, a wink and walk away without saying a word.

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