How to Follow Christian Dating Guidelines

Dating can be something that needs to be monitored and evaluted, especially when there are certain values you desire to maintain. Holding up the standard set in the Bible must be done on purpose, especially while dating.

Educate yourself about what the Bible says about courtship and sexual purity. You can't follow a standard that you are unfamiliar with.

Talk to your perspective date about your beliefs, what you are and are not willing to do and why you follow this standard. Being honest with your faith is important, and will make it possible to avoid being pressured because of ignorance on his/her part.

Keep your thoughts under control. Don't let lustful thoughts rule your mind. Keep your mind fixed on Christ, and your thoughts pure at all times. If you are tempted, take some time away from each other, and pray for strength.

Make sure that you are never alone for more than a few moments. When you are courting, spend time with your families and friends. Getting to know each others families will help you know each other better.

Pray for guidance. If you know this relationship is not meant to lead to marriage, you are wasting your time if you continue to date.

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  • There are some things you will want to consider before beginning to date someone: Is he/she also a believer? If not, don't date them. Being unequally yoked with an unbeliever is forbidden in scripture. Is there agreement on spiritual matters? Are you ready for marriage? Dating just to date is a waste of time, and may end up inviting problems you dont need.


  • You can judge if a person is a believer or not by examining his/ her lifestyle.
  • Love never pressures for something the other doesn't believe in, such as premarital sex.
  • Don't place your devotion that belongs to God alone, on a person.

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