How to Follow Interracial Dating Blogs

Blogs are the new millennium's version of the leaflets that used to be passed around town or tacked up on community bulletin boards. Now that the electronic bulletin board, the Internet, is connecting more people to a virtual town square, people can easily find information about dating. Whether one is looking for someone with a particular religious background, age, hobbies, or race, there are many blogs people can follow to find information and advice on relationships.

If you are interested in interracial dating, follow the steps below.

Investigate Available Blogs

Investigate the various interracial dating blogs and find out which ones deal with your particular area of interest. There are blogs targeting all ethnic groups and combinations, including men and women, gays and straights, Christians and Jews and many other subdivisions and subcategories.

Make connections wherever you can. Reply to the sites you enjoy, strike up conversations in chat areas and other public spaces that deal with the subject of interracial dating and follow up with anyone who sounds interesting and approachable. Listen to suggestions from others and keep an open mind.

Keep a list of interracial dating blogs that you encounter on your own and those that are referred to you by friends or relatives. Have it handy and refer to it if and when you want to try new blogs.

Use what you learn. You are subscribing to a dating blog, after all, so the object is to get ideas for improving your dating prospects. Keep notes and try out the suggestions.

Set Up an RSS Feed Reader

Get an RSS reader for your browser at if it doesn't have the capability built in already (see Resources below). Many RSS readers are freeware and can be downloaded at no cost.

Set your preferences on your RSS reader, and make whatever adjustments are necessary at the blog's originating site. This will enable you to receive new entries automatically from the blogs that you have decided to follow.

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  • Sign up for only as many blogs as you can reasonably follow. If you don't have a lot of time for reading, just pick the best one or two to read.
  • If you have friends who are more experienced with computers than you are, ask for help with installing your RSS reader. If you can handle it yourself, just choose a reader application for your particular operating system (PC, Mac, Linux) and install it.


  • Avoid spam. Check the blog site's privacy policy if you are concerned about your email address being sold, shared or given to spammers.

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