How to Find Friends With Benefits

If you want to maintain healthy friends with benefits relationships, it's essential to start at the beginning the right way. It is very possible to have friends with benefits, and those types of relationships can actually be very healthy.

Here's how to find friends with benefits.

Look among your friends for people that meet all the criteria below. If they are missing one element, they will not make a good friends with benefits relationship.

  1. You are attracted to him/her
  2. He/she is attracted to you
  3. You know you will never get married (not each other's type)
  4. The other person does not take breakups too hard

To start and find healthy friends with benefits relationships, the friendship first has to be strong. If there is an attraction, you absolutely must have a talk with the person about what you both want going forward.

Friends with benefits requires constant updating. Rules should be set up front about no dates. And if one partner starts dating another person exclusively, sex must be cut off immediately.

Keep a schedule.

Do not change your schedule at all for your friend with benefits. You should not miss out on anything to have casual sex with this person, or start missing dates for them, either. It's too close to a relationship and can become confusing.

Limit your trysts.

Sex naturally bonds people. Friends with benefits can turn into a feisty situation if rules aren't set and abided by. Set a sex limit that you can both live with, and stick to it.

Booty calls only for friends with benefits. No dates. Be friends in the morning and casual sex partners at night. Don't mix the two.

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Things You Will Need

  • Friends you want to have sex with

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