Fun Dating Ideas for Less Than 20 Dollars

Spending a ton of money on a date is not always necessary. There are plenty of affordable ways to schmooze over someone you're courting without breaking the bank. A low cost day or evening of doing fun but simple activities can be just as exciting and memorable as spending a small fortune on dinner.


Dine on a picnic lunch at your favorite place in nature or the city; electrify your date by serving up the dish you cook best.


Find a nearby trail; lace up your hiking shoes, and pound the trail. With the exception of park admission fees, this activity should be virtually free.

Free Concerts

Check your city newspaper's entertainment section for a list of free concerts. Enjoy a relaxing meal at a casual dining restaurant and wrap up the night with a public concert.

School Performances

Colleges and high schools alike consistently perform for the general public; two people can usually enjoy this type of performance for under $20 and still have money for ice cream afterward.


Explore a museum with your date. Admission costs are usually affordable and on some days of the week they welcome visitors for free.

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