Fun Romantic Games

Keeping the spark in a relationship may take more than flowers and chocolate. Playing a romantic game together may do the trick. Finding innovative ways to spice up the romance leads to more passion, fun and a new way to bond. With a few tips, you can be the Romeo or Juliet of your lover's dreams.

Erotic Dice

This game is a fun and sensual activity that is bound to get you and your lover in the bedroom. This game is best for couples who have been intimate. Take two sheets of paper and on the first sheet, list body parts and number them. The second sheet will list actions such as rubbing, kissing, etc. They will also be numbered. Make sure there are enough actions for body parts and vice versa (no more than 6). When ready to play, explain that you must roll the dice first, then choose a number between one and six. The number rolled is the body part you must do something to, and the number you chose is the action. This game has the potential to heat up quickly, so only play when you are alone and have time to yourselves.

Tape on My Parts

This is a fun, wholesome game that can be played alone or with another couple. Make cut-outs of circles and name them after non-erotic body parts (arm, hand, eetc.). Attach a piece of tape to the back of each body part circle, then set them aside. Two people will participate at a time, one person will be the body and the other will be the taper. The taper is blindfolded and spun around three times. He is then handed a body part that he cannot see. The body must call out to the taper directing him where to go and where to stick the part. One point is awarded for every correctly placed body part.

Love Monopoly

This game is a twist on the Monopoly board game. The game works basically the same--with some notable changes. When you make money, e.g. collect rent, you get a kiss from the other person. If you lose money, you must remove an article of clothing. If all of your clothes have been removed, you are out. No player may pass "Go" without collecting a 30-second kiss. If you skip a 30-second kiss, you must remove two articles of clothing. This game has the potential to heat up quickly, so do not play in public. The winner of Love Monopoly (the one still wearing clothes) gets a sensual treat of her choice.

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