Fun Things Couples Can Do Together

Love is a roller coaster so why not make a date of it?Love is a roller coaster so why not make a date of it?

Being together is fun, but sometimes you need to add a little excitement and spice to your life as a couple by doing something different together. Trying new things, going to new places or even to old favorites are fun things you can do together. When it comes time to deciding what type of activity seems like fun consider each other’s likes and dislikes; you might think it’s fun to shoe shop all day long but your significant other might not feel exactly the same way. To maximize your fun together choose an activity you both enjoy or one neither of you has ever tried.

Learn Something New

Neither one of you has tried everything there is to try, so find something neither of you has tried and do it together. Check out classes offered in your city or at your local college campus and discuss which classes look the most interesting. Cooking classes, ballroom dancing or salsa dancing courses are offered in many cities. Even if neither of you is a good cook and you’re terrible dancers you’ll have fun laughing at each other while attempting to learn to salsa or boil water.

Laughter is Great Medicine

Go to a comedy club to see a local comedian perform – if you live in a larger city you’ll have the opportunity to purchase tickets to see famous celebrities performing, but when it comes down to it, funny is funny no matter who is telling the jokes. A comedy club show is a date night in and of itself. Most comedy clubs offer a dinner or appetizer menu and a full drink menu. You’ll have a great time with one another laughing and the comedian’s jokes and enjoying the casual atmosphere.

Amuse Yourselves

When you were a child, you probably couldn’t think of many things more fun than roller coasters, cotton candy and water rides. As an adult you probably still can’t think of many things more fun so hit up an amusement park together. Hold hands while you ride scary rides, feed each other popcorn and cotton candy and partake in the childish activities that are so abundant in theme parks.

Pamper Yourselves

You like to be pampered and your boyfriend or husband likes to relax. One way to incorporate both into an activity you’ll both enjoy is to head to the nearest spa and get a couple’s massage. In your shared service suite, you’ll be able to relax together while having your knots removed and your body pampered. After your massage head out for a romantic dinner or movie or just take a long walk, grab an ice cream cone or cappuccino and just enjoy each other’s company.

Run Away to Paradise

Few things are as much fun as taking a vacation, even if it's just a mini-vacation. Pick a destination such as the beach, the mountains or an historical city you've always wanted to tour and pack your bags. Exploring a new destination together will bring you closer together and it will force you to focus on one another since you won't have the distractions of your daily life such as dishes and laundry to distract you.

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