Fun Things to Do As a Couple

Cooking together can be a pleasurable activity for a couple.Cooking together can be a pleasurable activity for a couple.

Your everyday responsibilities can make it difficult for you to find alone time for you and your significant other. But, making fun a priority can help maintain your relationship. A shared activity helps a couple to connect while interacting regardless of the activity, says Preston Ni, a professor of Communication Studies, in his Psychology Today article, "7 Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success." A day filled with fun can strengthen your bond.

Revisit Your Early Days

Remind yourselves of how much your relationship has grown. Remembering your beginning stages can bring smiles to your faces and help you reminisce about what attracted you both to each other, says psychologist Barbara Markway in her Psychology Today article, "A Simple Way to Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship." Redo your first date. Eat at the same restaurant and engage in the same entertainment afterwards. Or, schedule a photography session at the location where you shared your first kiss, such as a park or the beach. Go to the place you first met and reenact your first conversation.

Get Out of Your Routine Rut

Doing something out of the ordinary from your usual dates can add pleasure to your relationship. Engaging in new things allows you to have the same thrill and feelings you had when you first fell in love, says clinical psychologist Shannon Kolakowski in her Huffington Post article, "Valentine's Day Ideas That Will Improve Your Relationship, According to Research." Enroll in a class together you two are interested in. Try a pottery or painting workshop. Alternatively, doing something that gets your adrenaline up can be fun. Think about skydiving or kart racing. Or, if you are both looking for an adventure, embark on a nature hike.

Learn From Each Other

You and your significant other can discover new things about each other. Learn more about your partner by taking an interest in what she likes to do for enjoyment, according to the article, "Relationship Help." Have fun being instructors for a day and learn something about each other's hobbies. Perhaps your partner can learn how to sew while you learn the ins and outs of basketball. Or, prepare a meal together. Take turns learning how to make a cherished or family recipe. Laugh along the way at any accidents. You can also take a trip back to each other's childhood neighborhood. Visit the places you enjoyed as children.

Tickle Your Funny Bones

Making a routine out of laughing together is an effective way to focus on having fun in a relationship, according to Find a local karaoke event. Hit the stage and take turns belting out tunes in front of the audience. You can give each other a good laugh as you attempt to sing popular hits. Alternatively, schedule a couple caricature session. You and your partner can get a kick out of looking at exaggerated facial features you see in the final sketch. Or, go to a circus show when it comes to town, turning it into a date. Get in touch with your inner child by watching the silly clowns.

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