Fun and Unique Dating Ideas

If you want to wow your next date, skip the clichéd dinner and a movie, and suggest something more fun and unique, such as facing off at the batting cages or going to a local improv show. You might end up saving money, and she'll definitely be impressed with your creativity. More importantly, you'll both make memories you'll never forget.

Go to an amusement park together for a thrilling date.Go to an amusement park together for a thrilling date.

Alternatives to a Dinner Date

Instead of going out to dinner or getting a cup of coffee, go to a fancy ice cream shop and enjoy huge ice cream sundaes. Alternatively, go to a cupcake store or dessert bakery for a tasty treat. Visit a local farmer's market, and buy fresh food for a picnic. Or, take a cooking class together -- you'll learn something new and then get to eat the dish you create.

Alternatives to a Movie

Instead of seeing a movie, take your date to a local comedy club or improv show. Alternately, go see a high school play, local theater production, college play or a cappella group. If you can sing, go to karaoke night at your favorite bar, and perform your date's favorite song.

Alternatives to a Sports Game

Watching a sports game can be fun, but it's more exciting to do it yourself. Go to the batting cages, play miniature golf, go to the driving range or rent a tandem bike to ride together. Alternatively, go rollerblading, go ice skating, take a dancing class or go hiking. If you're brave, consider bungee jumping or skydiving.

Pretend You're a Kid

Think of the best birthday party you ever went to as a kid, and do that again. For example, take your date to the arcade, water park, amusement park, go-kart course, zoo or aquarium. Or, build a pillow fort in your living room, pitch a tent in your yard or make s'mores over the grill. If it's autumn, take your date to a corn maze or haunted house.

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