Funny Ways to Make Girls Smile

Making her smile opens door to conversation.Making her smile opens door to conversation.

Since the Garden of Eden, men and women have been getting together to stave off loneliness and enjoy adventures. The "Men's Fitness" website reports that Nick Savoy, author of the dating advice book "Magic Bullets," tells men that "Confidence and humor are your biggest assets." Capitalize on the power of humor by practicing funny ways to make a girl smile. Once you have her attention, you can work on winning that first date.

Tell a Joke

There is a fine line to walk when attempting to make a girl smile through a well-timed joke. Humor is highly subjective, which means that what makes one girl laugh may make another one throw a drink in your face. Carol E. Watkins, M.D., with the Northern County Psychiatric Associates website says that putting ideas together in original or unexpected ways can spark humor. Jokes that make fun of yourself are far better than jokes that make fun of other people's race, appearance or beliefs. Your joke does not need a punch line to be effective. You can make a girl smile by walking up and using a self-directed ironic joke such as "Does this outfit make me look fat?" This is likely to take her off guard and make her grin before she can help it. Be aware that some women may take offense to this joke as a jab at her own weight problem. If you are up for a risk, use this line. If you are in a position that requires playing it safe, use something more along the lines of "Is this tie too loud?" or, "So, honestly, how's the hair?"

Make a Funny Face

Set aside lame pick-up lines and get a girl to smile by making a funny face at her from across the room. Keep it simple, or you are likely to freak her out. Catch her eye and then stick out your tongue or go suddenly cross-eyed. Make sure to follow up on your funny face with direct eye contact and a genuine smile, so she knows that you are flirting, not being a jerk.

Grand Gestures

If you want to impress a girl and make her smile at the same time, try going a bit over the top with grand theatrics. Instead of saying hello and shaking her hand, clear your throat loudly and launch into a full-on, formal yet flamboyant bow. She will not be expecting this and will likely smile or laugh out loud.

Pick-Up Lines

Sleazy pick-up lines may get your face slapped, and sappy pick-up lines may earn you a yawn. But well-chosen, highly corny pick-up lines may win you that smile you are after. Not everyone can pull off a corny pick-up line, but it's worth a shot. Choose a line that is lame yet flattering, such as "Do you have a map? Cuz Honey, I just keep gettin' lost in your eyes." Immediately laugh at yourself after delivering the line. This lets the woman know that you were just trying to make her smile, not trying to win her with a line that is beneath her.

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