How to Get an Emo Guy to Like You

If an emo guy has caught your attention, you’ll need to prepare yourself before attempting to secure his affection. The emo subculture has influenced everything from cultural ideals to popular fashion. Guys of the emo crowd take life and love seriously. You’ll have to do more than just flash a pretty smile to get an emo guy to like you. Take the time to locate and steal the heart of the emo guy you desire.

Lose the smile. While most people marvel at the brilliance of a bright smile, an emo guy may find the same smile too “flowery,” or even fake. Show him your darker side by reserving your smile for special occasions. Flash him a frown or friendly scowl to spark his interest in your mood. Let him delight in the fact that you’re not afraid to let the world see you frown.

Make a musical connection. Since music is an important aspect of the emo subculture, you must show your appreciation and knowledge of popular bands. Ask him his opinion of the latest My Chemical Romance song. Invite him to a music shop to search for standard hits, as well as lesser-known selections. The emo guy must feel comfortable sharing music with you before he can fully like you.

Dress the part. Leave your pink sweaters and sequined dresses in the closet. The emo guy enjoys a girl who dresses in a more casual fashion. Wear dark-colored clothing and accessories to get the emo guy to take notice. Consider a hairstyle that features heavy bangs and bright highlights to make sure he turns his head whenever you walk by him.

Share poetry with him. Poetry is a way for the emo crowd to express dark feelings that may not be acceptable to communicate in everyday life. Many emo guys reserve their poetry for those they deeply respect. Once he feels he can trust you, delight in being able to read his innermost thoughts. Allow him to read some of your own musings to help gain his heart.

Refrain from judging his lifestyle. An emo guy will take offense at being told to wear brighter colors or to stop expressing his dark emotions. Learn to appreciate his style without hurling harsh judgments or criticism. Compliment his ability to convey his feelings to the rest of the world without making him feel phony.

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