How to Get a Filipina Bride

Many lovely Filipina ladies sign themselves up for dating services online looking for foreign husbands. Sometimes, these women are the traditional type that some men want to marry and can't find at home. But sometimes they're just looking for an easy buck. Follow these steps if you're serious about finding a Filipina bride.

Have the resources necessary to travel to the Philippines. There's no point in making friends with a woman on the Internet if you have no means to ever go and meet her in person. Some agencies provide introduction tours that cost about $2000.

Sign up with a few low-cost or free online dating sites. Filipina Brides Online provides a step by step process to meeting Filipinas; they recommend viewing all of the countless photos and profiles first, sending notes to a few dozen women you're interested in, and then following up with phone calls to those who respond. They provide introduction tours for men at that stage of the game. Other sites, like Pacific Island, offer similar services.

Beware of scammers. posts a plethora of articles on how to recognize professional daters: those who are just looking to make a quick US or Canadian dollar and have no intention of marrying you. The site also has links to forums where you can meet and seek advice from others who've already gone through the dating/marriage/immigration process.

Make friends with someone who has a Filipina wife. Chances are good that she knows someone back home who wouldn't mind meeting you.

Realize that due to cultural differences, Filipina women often have a more traditional view of marriage than Western women, but the only thing the same about everyone is that they are all different. Just because she's from the Philippines doesn't mean that she'll never gain an ounce or that she'll always be sweet, submissive and non-confrontational. And you must treat her just as well as you would treat a western wife.

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