How to get a guy You've Never Talked to Before

Getting a guy you've never talked to before requires guts and preparation. You have to know what you want, how you're going to get it and have a plan behind you.

Look casually at the guy without saying anything. When you pass him or catch his eye across the room, look over into eyes and maybe give him a half-smile. You don't always have to talk to communicate.

Insert yourself in his circle of friends next time you see him. If you've made eye contact before, chances are he'll remember you. Laugh at a joke or make a funny comment to him. Sometimes it's easier to communicate in a group at first than one-on-one.

Walk right up to him if you're brave enough. Tell him you've noticed him lately and then ask how he's doing. This sparks a conversation that may lead him to ask you if you want to grab some lunch together. If he's not getting it but seems glad to talk to you, ask him yourself.

Drop something on purpose as you walk past him. Make it seem like an accident. You can either choose to walk back and pick it up, exclaiming how clumsy you are, or he may pick it up for you. This method works best if you're uncomfortable approaching him out of the blue.

Keep your confidence up. Guys can sense when you're uncomfortable or painfully shy. The more confident you appear when talking to a guy you've never talked to before, the more interested he'll be.

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  • Don't act coy or silly when trying to talk to a guy. Be real and use your sense of humor to your advantage.

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