How to Get an Older Guy to Notice You

You just can't help. You have developed a crush on an older guy. There is nothing wrong with that. Love is ageless, and you should not let a shallow society's judgments keep you from your heart's desire. Get over any insecurities you may have about your crush, and stay true to your heart. Be yourself if you want to be loved for who you truly are. Even within remaining true to yourself, there are things that can be done to get an older guy to notice you.

Act beyond your age. Yes, you may be in your 20s, but you are worldly. Think about all the things you have done in your life. Your experience may be what some have experienced only by the time they are 50. Whatever your age, level with yourself. Look at your life, and realize what you want to behave like. It's best to act mature at any age. Behave like you will be proud of yourself for behaving in the long run. That usually means acting 35 when you are 25.

Take notice of his interest. Nothing is more impressive than someone who is genuinely interested in learning about your passions. it's romance at its heart. If he is into sports, learn about something fun you may have prematurely judged. Go to a game. If he is interested in science, pick up a science magazine. Give yourself at least an introductory course.

Be honest with him. If you end up in a true relationship with this guy, the truth will come out any way. it's best to have been honest all along rather than be exposed for a fraud later on. If you are just learning Spanish, tell him so. If you are reading up on your golf, let him know that you are an eager amateur. Honesty commands respect and attention.

Bring out your sense of humor. Nothing puts you right into the center of attention like a genuinely funny joke. Look for the humor in all the situations that surround the two of you when you are in the company of one another. Making him laugh will create a memory in his mind of his moment with you in a very fun way.

Ask him questions. Learning more about him may pique his interest in learning more about you.

Flirt with him. He may like you a lot, but the age difference may make him afraid to approach you. If he knows you are interested, it breaks the ice. He can be himself with you at that point.

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  • Dress in what makes you comfortable. Nothing attracts a great guy like a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.


  • Don't try too hard to impress him. That will be obvious and stink of desperation.

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