How to Get Over an Online Breakup

Get Over an Online BreakupGet Over an Online Breakup

For weeks, the two of you may have been inseparable when you were online. Several hours passed by talking and playing online games. For those of us who are constantly online due to work, an online love seems like the perfect way to have a relationship. Other times, love just finds you while you are surfing the web. Regardless of how it began, each person must have his needs met if the relationship is to succeed. Sometimes, you find that it is best to end the relationship. Once we choose to walk away from our cyber romance we are left to deal with the constant reminder of our online relationship.

Delete his contact information. Once the ending of the relationship is final, delete his email address and his Instant Messenger address.

Erase all Instant Messenger archives. Women are sentimental in nature, and technology makes it even easier to save past conversations. As tempting as it is to keep sweet E-cards or emails, don’t do it. If you can’t find the heart to delete them, then store them in a folder.

Create a new account. If you played online role-playing games, then make a new account. It isn’t necessary that you stop playing a favorite game.

Chat with other people online. Get to know other people that have the same interests as you do. The Internet is massive and your online ex is not the only person whom you will form a connection with.

Use a different messenger program. Until the raw pain of a broken heart wears off, switch to another messenger program. For example, if you use Yahoo messenger, try using Windows live.

Place photographs in a folder. Most of us like to save pictures of our exes. Save all of her pictures in a folder that is out of your reach.

Delete your ex from your Myspace or Facebook account. Nothing is more painful than having constant updates on an ex. This applies to offline relationships as well as online ones.

Limit your time online, if possible. If your job does not require using a computer, try to stay offline as much as you can. Those that have to use a computer daily may find this difficult.

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