How to Get a Second Date

Communication and respect drive a successful relationship. If a man shows these qualities on the first date he has with a women, he'll be more likely to get a second date with her. Here are tips on how to increase the chances of securing that often elusive second encounter.

Plan the first date carefully. Don't create awkward moments by leaving things to chance.

Put extra effort into your personal appearance on the first date. Look neat and clean. Make sure you smell good, too, but don't put on an overabundance of cologne.

Listen as much as you speak. Show interest in what is said. Ask questions to keep the conversation going.

Focus on your date. Don't stare at members of the opposite sex, talk on your cell phone, or be distracted by other activities during the date.

Resist coming on too strong. Possessiveness and too much familiarity early on are big turn-offs.

Pick up the woman from her location; don't expect her to travel to you. Pay for all expenses incurred during the date as well, which means don't ask her to pay separately for her meal, ticket, etc. (If you split expenses evenly that's called "going dutch"; it's an activity mainly done among friends, not people dating each other).

Call or email the next day just to let her know that you had a good time. (Conversely, the woman shouldn't call the man after the date. Not only is it socially taboo to do so, but conventional wisdom says relationships in which the woman does the pursuing generally don't work out).

Arrange the date early in the week. Calling past Wednesday for a weekend date is considered inconsiderate and rude. Even better, ask for the second date at the end of the first date. Plan the second date around things she likes to do or is interested in.

Keep the date conversation "light" and avoid too much physical intimacy. One of the worst things you can do is ask for (or push for) a sexual encounter.

Be honest and be yourself. Don't agree with everything she says in an attempt to make her like you.

Have fun! Avoid complaining about your life, bashing exes, and other negative topics.

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