How to Get a Very Religious Guy to Like You

If you have set your sights on a religious guy, you only have two choices; change your mind and pick another guy to like, or change your heart and start worshipping his God.

Introduce yourself to God. If you have fallen for a religious guy, it's very unlikely that he will give up his faith for you. The only other option is for you to be willing to explore his faith. Ask him questions about what he believes and genuinely listen to his answers. He's all about God and if you want him to notice you, taking an interest in his faith is the first step. There is an old Elvis Presley movie called 'Change of Habit ' where Mary Tyler Moore played a nun who had to choose between God and Elvis. Guess who won? Even Elvis lost out to God, so don't think you can sway this man away from the Almighty.

Don't fake it. Pretending to be interested in his beliefs when you are not will only fool him for so long. If you don't see yourself ever coming around to his way of thinking, this relationship has no place to go. If on the other hand you like what you see and are intrigued by his beliefs, learn more and dive in. This won't guarantee you a relationship, but it definitely improves your odds.

Volunteer. Most religions have belief in basic human kindness and most churches have many opportunities for you to love your neighbor. Let the object of your affections see you have a heart. Find out what sort of community outreaches his church participates in and volunteer to help. Serve food at a soup kitchen, help box up clothes to send to a homeless shelter, offer to do yard work for a senior, or help restock the church's food bank. Show yourself to be the sort of girl a guy like him could be proud to date.

Don't try to change him. Don't attempt to talk someone out of their faith just because you don't understand it or agree with it. If you have a crush on a guy who is religious, understand his faith is part of who he is and most likely always will be. If you have not been raised in church, his beliefs may seem foreign to you, but to him, it's the foundation of his life. You have to ask yourself if you can realistically handle his world viewpoint and his faith.

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