How to Know If a Girl Is a Flirt

A flirtatious girl is usually surrounded by many different guys vying for her attention. She will use her personality, conversation skills and body language to charm anyone that crosses her path. Girls that have great flirting skills can leave a trail of broken hearts behind them. It can be hard to tell if the girl you are interested in likes you as more than a friend if she flirts with everyone.

Determine the type of flirting that is taking place. Some girls will flirt because it is fun and not because it will lead to anything. This is referred to as a generic fun flirt. If she is interested in more than a friendly relationship, she will focus on one guy and flirt for at least 10 minutes with him.

Pay attention to the way she acts around each guy. Some girls will be very outgoing and flirtatious with other guys, but she may become shy or nervous around the guy she likes.

Consider the type of compliments that are given. There is a major difference between "You look great tonight," which can make any guy feel happy, and "You are so sexy." The second comment could easily lead a guy on.

Consider the position that you are in. The cute flirtatious girl could have her eye on something that you have. A girl will often flirt with a customer service clerk or a mechanic to get a discount or a refund. Some girls will flirt when they want to take advantage of a guy.

Watch for subconscious signs of flirting that occur around you. Signs that she likes you in a romantic way include enlarged pupils, flushing of the skin and excessive blinking. Her eyes may sparkle or her gaze may linger if she is romantically interested in you. She may also preen by stroking her hair, smoothing her clothes or curling her finger around her hair.

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  • If you are unsure about the way a girl feels about you, ask.
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