How to Meet Women at Bars, Malls and Clubs

Women aren't the only ones that can play hard to get. Use these tips and techniques to get your future girlfriend chasing after YOU.

Get yourself a cool look. You don't have to be Brad Pitt to meet women. Show that you care about how you look by wearing new clothes that fit and make sure you're well groomed.

Go out and have a good time. Go out with your friends to a bar or club (or any public place) and enjoy yourself. Let women notice how sociable and fun you are.

"Plant some seeds." For example, flirt casually with a waitress or make a passing comment and smile to a girl who is walking by. Toast a woman at the bar. Then go back to having a good time with your friends. Soon, you'll notice women slowly gravitating to you.

Be picky. Don't be a jerk about it, but in a fun, playful way, make sure the women you meet prove their value to you. Something as simple as "Are you open-minded? Because I only talk to open-minded people," can put you in control of the exchange.

Connect with her. Find out what you have in common, and reward her with a smile and a story of your own if she tells you something unique about herself that you can relate to. WARNING: If she says something like &quot I like to go shopping," don't reward her for that. It's not unique. Instead, ask for more information and then connect with it.

Show your interest. The best way to get out of the "friend trap" is to avoid it from the start. After finding common interests, make your intentions clear. "You know, I just realized it. Not only are you sexy, but you're fun to talk to."

Tell her you need to go. Always be the first to end the exchange. It keeps 'em wanting more!

Get her number. Ask her if you can put her number in your phone and then call her so she has yours. That way she'll be more likely to give you her real number.

Go back to your friends and call her in a few days.

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  • Don't buy her drinks. It shows too much interest, and it says "I'm buying your acceptance" to a lot of women. Bad idea.
  • Don't compliment her when you first meet her. Again, too much interest, and it indicates immediately that you are pursuing HER. You want it to be the other way around.
  • Don't be easy. Play hard to get. If a woman tries touching you, tell her "hands off." If she tries to kiss you, tell her "I'm not that easy." Eventually you'll be touching and kissing her, but at the beginning, make her work and watch the attraction build.
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