How to Get a Girlfriend in Five Steps

Finding a girlfriend is perhaps the prime male obsession.Finding a girlfriend is perhaps the prime male obsession.

Finding a girlfriend is perhaps the prime male obsession, from adolescence onwards. Some men find it easy, while some find it challenging. Going to a park, gym, theater or even while volunteering are alternatives to the typical bar to meet women. Use these five steps to attract a woman and make her into your girlfriend.

Be positive. Women like confidence and do not want to hear you whine about your past girlfriends and relationships. Women want someone who love themselves and is genuine. Focus on your positive qualities and stand tall.

Smile and say hello. Obvious pickup lines turn women off. Starting a conversation with an easy, 'Hi,' is all you need to start talking and flirting. The conversation could be anything out of the ordinary. The key is to not act like you want to to pick her up.

Understand body language. Reading a woman's body language tells you nonverbally whether or not she's interested in you. A smile is a good start, or if a woman touches you, it means she's interested. However, creating obstacles such as placing a chair between you, means she is not interested.

Ask her out. The problem that some men have is inaction. You don't get rejected until you ask her out. Open your playing field and every time you see an attractive woman, start up a conversation, and ask her out. It doesn't have to be dinner, but it could be just a walk in the park. Then, you will know if you two are compatible.

Set the tone immediately on your date that you are potential boyfriend material. Stop talking and listen to what she has to say. Progress with each date and tell her how you feel, that you want her as your girlfriend.

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  • Finding a girlfriend may take many dates with many women until you find someone you are compatible with. They key is to go out and be open-minded. Remain confident in yourself and you will attract others.


  • When a women says no, you respect her, and move on.

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