How to Get Your Girlfriend to Open Up

Getting your girlfriend to open up is important for a healthy relationship.Getting your girlfriend to open up is important for a healthy relationship.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy relationship is communication, however, it can often be difficult for one partner or the other to feel completely comfortable opening up to the other, especially near the beginning of the relationship. If your girlfriend is struggling to open up to you about her feelings or concerns, a variety of reasons may be behind her refusal to let you in. Whether she is afraid to open up or simply not connected enough to you to allow you in to the deepest parts of herself, you can try several strategies.

Step 1

Plan romantic dates in private locations that allow her to feel that anything she shares with you will only be shared with you. Choose to cook an intimate dinner at home, serve an outdoor picnic in your backyard or go for a drive around town in your car instead of taking her out to a crowded club or restaurant.

Step 2

Share intimate details of your own life with her. Sometimes a woman doesn't feel comfortable opening up to the man in her life because she thinks he wouldn't be interested. By sharing your secrets with her and expressing your true feelings to her, you can help your girlfriend realize that you are ready to take your relationship to a deeper level.

Step 3

Ask questions about the things you want to know. Communicate with her about your desire for her to open up to you. Tell her why it is so important to you that she opens up to you, and make sure to express your patience with her if she is still struggling to truly open up.

Step 4

Listen carefully any time that she does open up to you in a conversation. Ask questions about anything she is saying that doesn't make sense to you. Repeat important points of the conversation in new conversations that you have with her. By proving that you are listening to her, you may ensure that your girlfriend feels that you are a good person to open up to when she needs to talk.

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