How to Get a Girlfriend When You're a Nice Guy

Men might wonder why beautiful and kind girls stay with guys who don't treat them well or take advantage of them. Some nice men find it a challenge to get girlfriends and feel that the old adage of "Nice guys finish last" applies to women and dating relationships. But by following a few simple steps, men should be able to find and date wonderful girls.

Assess your life. Ask the hard questions. What do you like about yourself? What do you want to improve? Where do you want to be in five years? In 10 years? How will you get there? What bad habits do you need to break? Girls do not want a boyfriends with a lot of excess baggage. Break those bad habits and replace them with positive ones instead.

Ask a good friend for constructive criticism. This can be difficult; no one likes to hear his shortcomings. But a friend can provide input at how to improve yourself and help you see your blind spots. Don't be defensive but listen to what he says, even if you don't agree. Apply what you need to change.

Develop your strengths. Be the best person you can be. In addition to being nice, work on your personality. Women also like men who are smart, caring and have a great sense of humor.

Learn to listen. Focus on the girl and her interests, instead of always talking about yourself. Ask questions to engage her and show her you are paying attention to what she shares.

Find someone who shares common interests with you. Look for women at the places you already frequent. Bars usually don't provide a good atmosphere for getting a girlfriend. If you have an interest you haven't yet explored, check into it. If you go to a gym close to work, maybe you can try a gym near your home in order to meet new people. Look at the options related to your activities and explore those. After all, you will want to do things with your girlfriend after you date, so it is important to share common interests.

Take responsibility for your life and your actions. Become proactive instead of waiting for life to happen and feeling sorry for yourself. Face each day with intention. Work on a plan as to how you can work toward your goal daily. Make a conscious decision to make specific steps toward meeting a nice girlfriend. Calling an old friend to network, reading relationship books or paying attention to girls around you at the grocery store all offer examples of intentional ways to progress toward your goal.

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