What Girls Like When Dating Guys

Girls want the guy they date to communicate openly, show respect and be honest.Girls want the guy they date to communicate openly, show respect and be honest.

Your success in finding a girl you like to date has to be followed up with making those dates a success. You need to know what girls like when dating guys in order to achieve that goal. Three things girls like for guys to do when they are dating are: communicate openly, show them and others respect, and speak honestly about the relationship and your goals for it.

Communicate Openly

Communicate in an open and forthright manner to eliminate any potential for misunderstanding in the dating phase. This will require you to listen to her and not just "Yes" her comments during the date. One of the complaints women have once they marry the guy they dated is that he doesn't listen to them. Don't make that mistake.

Communication isn't just about listening. Communications is also about speaking and observing. In fact, the topic of communication is so important that public school systems develop a curriculum around it. So talk to your date. Girls want to learn about the men they date. Share details about yourself so she can gain a better understanding of who you are. Reveal your strengths, weaknesses and goals for the dating relationship. This will help her determine if the two of you are compatible. Don't lie.

Show Respect

Show respect to the girl you date through respectful words and deeds. Youth are taught such respectful principles as early as school 4-H programs, according to the Missouri University Extension. Be tolerant of your differences, be considerate of her feelings and treat her the way you want to be treated.

Women appreciate knowing that they are valued. Develop an attitude of respect toward her and others. So, if you set a time for the date, be punctual. If you need to be late unexpectedly, call in advance to alert her. Apologize for any misunderstandings that result on your part. If you make a commitment to her, keep it, no matter the cost. And don't talk to other people behind her back about any personal disclosures that she may make to you. Don't treat her cavalierly in front of any of your male companions, either. And don't look at other females' legs or other physical attributes when on a date. She will assume that she doesn't measure up.

Speak Honestly

Speak honestly in all matters. No one likes to be lied to or mislead. A girl wants to be able to believe what her guy tells her. If she can't believe you in a small matter, she will be unable to trust you in more serious matters later, and she will not know how you really stand on key issues. According to the University of Texas at Austin, you need to be aware of what you both want from the relationship. This can't happen if you aren't honest about yourself while dating.

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