How to Get Girls to Notice You

Get Girls to Notice YouGet Girls to Notice You

Pretty girls have an unlimited number of options when choosing a guy. This article will show you how to get and keep a girls attention.

CONFIDENCE!!! The number one step in getting girls to notice you is having confidence. Look around you and you'll see plenty of ugly guys with good looking girls, why is this? Because they have confidence. Now I'm not talking about being cocky. Girls don't go for cocky guys. Its all about being confident with yourself. This trait is the cornerstone for all the other steps.

The clothes make the man. You've heard that saying right? Well to some women its absolutely true. If you don't know how to dress yourself you're gonna have a hard time getting a girl to notice you. At least in a good way. Now confidence will mask a lot of things, including how you're dressed. Some guys can wear crazy looking stuff and yet have enough confidence that a girl will be attracted to that. But I recommend going out and buying one or two really nice outfits. Doesn't have to be suit and tie, just something that's in style and you look good in. Also pick out a couple pair of really nice shoes. Ladies can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears.

Make fun of her. Yes, that's right, you need to be so confident that you can make fun of this hot girl without worrying about her slapping you. Now this is a delicate subject, because going too far can lead to the girl getting angry. So pick something small to make fun of, I'd recommend her shoes, but you could choose nails, jewelry, her hobbies, something small like that to make fun of. Making fun of a girl shows her that you're not scared of her. A guy that is scared to say anything except nice things to a girl is a complete turn off.

Hopefully by this point you've managed to get the girls number and you're probably dying to call her the minute you get home. Don't! I wouldn't even call her the next day, unless its a short telegraphed conversation to wet her appetite. What I mean by that is calling her to set the hook. You give her a call, and 30 seconds after you're on the phone with her, you have to go. You can tell her you're going to the gym, your sister's coming over, whatever. This further proves the point that you don't need her, and you have other things going on. And why is this important, because girls love a challenge. Guys who provide no challenge have no chance at the best looking girls.

After you've waited a day or so you can call her and ask her out. But keep in mind all the things that we've discussed. Be confident, make fun of her, and see to it that you're a challenge. There are times when you'll need to be funny, romantic and sweet, but never get to a place where she thinks she has you whipped. Its at this point that she'll move on to another challenge.

A lot of what I've said may seem absurd. We've been told throughout our lives that women want a gentlemen who will do anything for them. But what women say and what they want are two totally different things. If you don't believe me, how many times have you thought to yourself why is she with that jerk. She's calling you to tell about how he mistreats her, yet she will never leave him. You wonder why women never go for you, even though you'd treat them like a princess. Women want nice guys for their friends, they want confident guys for their boyfriends.

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Things You Will Need



  • Stop Being The Friend
  • Don't talk on the phone longer than 5 minutes, this will keep them wanting more.
  • Stop being so nice.


  • If not played properly you may come off as a jerk, but there's a lot of jerks with girlfriends.

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