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Confidence is key to a successful dating experience.Confidence is key to a successful dating experience.

For single people, the world of dating can be exciting, exhilarating and, let's face it, more than just a little ominous. After all, with dating often comes expectations, misunderstandings, rejection and disappointment. However, on the flip side, if done right and with both parties on the same page, dating can be both fulfilling and enjoyable.

Be You

One of the worst mistakes that people can make when dating is losing their sense of selves. When dating someone new, it is very common for people to get caught up in the other person's world and try to change their own behavior to please the person. However, that behavior actually is one of the biggest pitfalls in dating, as self-respect and self-esteem are two of the most attractive qualities that a person can own. Also, if you fake who you are, the other person is bound to find out sooner or later.

Put Time In

It is essential, both during the beginning of the dating process and later on, to put time into yourself and to show that you care about the relationship. This goes for everything from being punctual and showing up on time to dates to keeping up a neat and tidy appearance. Do not show up to a date looking like a slob or without having combed your hair. Invest in yourself.

Enjoy Yourself

Even though dating can be a very scary process, especially if you are particularly interested in that person, it is very important to enjoy yourself. You are missing the whole point if you are all about the sweaty palms and headaches instead of enjoying learning about your date and enjoying the company. Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. Don't stress and obsess over every little thing.

Be a Good Conversationalist

One of the most important foundations to a successful dating relationship is good and interesting conversation. Conversation goes both ways, so it is important to be both a good listener and also to ask a lot of questions about the other person, from questions about their hobbies to their best friends. Show that you are engaged by maintaining steady eye contact.


One helpful thing to do before dates is to plan ahead. Being organized can keep the flow of the date easy and carefree. For instance, try to pick out a restaurant or movie before you meet so you have a scheduled itinerary and do not have to waste time driving or walking around looking for something. Keep the focus of the date on both of you, instead of on where you're going or what you're eating.

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