How to Give Earrings in a Romantic Way

Small romantic gestures can make lasting impressions.Small romantic gestures can make lasting impressions.

Romantic gifts are fun to receive, but they can be even more fun to give to a girlfriend or spouse. When giving earrings to a woman, the presentation can be just as important as the gift itself. You don’t need to go all out to be romantic; romance is about showing the other person that you’ve taken the time to make her feel special, and even the smallest gestures can make lasting impressions.

Take her to see a play or concert. Ask an usher to present her with the earrings during intermission.

Show up at her workplace with a bottle of champagne, a rose and the earrings in a small, wrapped box tied with a bow.

Wrap a large box and fill it with increasingly smaller boxes that also are wrapped. Inside the smallest box, she’ll find the earrings.

Serve her oysters with the earrings placed inside the shells.

Before leaving for work, place the earrings on her pillow with a love letter.

Place the earrings inside a lunch you pack for her to bring to work.

Take her to an elegant restaurant. Ask the waiter to bring the earrings with the dessert course.

Create a path of rose petals that leads to her bedroom, where you‘ve lit candles. Place the earrings on her nightstand or pillow.

Hire a courier to deliver the earrings to her at work or home. You can also arrange for a singing telegram to show up at her front door with the earrings.

Spend the night with her at an upscale hotel and arrange for the earrings to be delivered with room service.

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