How to Give a Flirty Look

A smile is a key component to any flirty look.A smile is a key component to any flirty look.

Whether you're speed dating or just trying to catch the attention of an attractive stranger at a bar or a party, giving a flirtatious look can signal your interest quickly. Facial expressions are one of the most common indicators of flirtation, and, according to Niwako Yamawaki, assistant professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, your eyes are your most important flirting tool. Giving a flirty look is easily done with just a little bit of practice.

Step 1

Choose the person you want to receive your flirty look. Turn your head to look at him sideways until you catch his eye.

Step 2

Smile and turn your head away, tilting your neck at a 45-degree angle. Maintain eye contact, if possible. The longer you can maintain eye contact, the more attractive the person you are looking at is likely to find you.

Step 3

Turn your head back and continue to smile at the object of your flirty look. A woman giving a flirty look can either cover her smile fully or partially with her hands or look downward to add coyness to the look. A woman also may flip her hair while giving the flirtatious look.

Step 4

Wink. Adding a wink to your look can ramp up the flirtation level.

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