How to Give a Guy Clues That You Are Interested

Smile and maintain eye contact so he knows you are interested.Smile and maintain eye contact so he knows you are interested.

You've had your eye on him for quite some time. Maybe he's a coworker, a friend or even a cute bartender. When you find a guy you like, letting him know you’re interested is key. While it may seem nerve-racking, take a deep breath and then take action to make sure he knows you'd like to get to know him better.

Step 1

Smile and be engaging. Keep a confident smile on your face to let him know you are enjoying the conversation, and engage in the conversation by asking questions or commenting on things he says. This will show him you are having a good time with him and interested in what he is saying.

Step 2

Touch him. Not inappropriately of course, but if he says something funny, laugh and put your hand on his shoulder for a second, or compliment his hair and run your hand through it once very quickly. Just a simple gesture like this will let him know you are interested in him.

Step 3

Keep your eyes on him. When talking with him, don’t be looking around at what might be going on around you. This will make him think you are uninterested in the conversation at hand, and therefore uninterested in him, so make him feel like he, not your surroundings, is your focal point.

Step 4

Compliment him. Tell him he’s funny; compliment his outfit or even his taste in music. Just make sure he knows you think something about him is positive or intriguing.

Step 5

Ask for his number or give him yours. Ask him if he’d like to have coffee sometime, or say you’d love to see him again for dinner. As long as he knows you would like to make plans to see him in the future, he should get the hint that you are interested.

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  • If you’ve done the smiling, engaging, flirting, number exchange, and even the date, and you’re still not sure he knows you’re interested, then simply tell him. This shows confidence, which is an attractive quality. If the guy still doesn’t get the message, you may want to move on and find another guy.

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