How to Give Your Partner a Romantic Surprise

Give your partner a romantic surprise by sending her a postcard.Give your partner a romantic surprise by sending her a postcard.

Give your partner a romantic surprise and watch her eyes light up with delight. Keeping the sparks alive in a relationship takes creativity, and it is easy to become complacent when you have busy lives to navigate. The way that you plan the romantic surprise depends on the nature of the romantic event. Take the time to orchestrate a romantic surprise in a way that she will remember forever.

Step 1

Wait outside of his workplace. Ask for permission to blindfold him, with the explanation that there is a surprise waiting for him. Once you arrive at the destination, such as a restaurant or the airport, take off the blindfold.

Step 2

Write her a heartfelt letter or poem in a card. Sneak out to her vehicle and leave it on the driver's seat the night before she goes to work. She will enjoy the heartfelt surprise in the morning.

Step 3

Make a special playlist for him. Add songs that are special to you both on a CD or on his iPod. He will be pleasantly delighted the next time he listens to some tunes.

Step 4

Send her a series of postcards over a week's time. Each postcard should have a clue as to the romantic surprise. Try and arrange it so that she gets one every day.

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Things You Will Need

  • Blindfold
  • Card
  • CD (optional)
  • iPod
  • Postcards


  • Use your creativity to create self-made gifts for your partner, that reflect times spent together and the depth of your love. As in Step2, you could choose to make greeting cards, posters, photo- calendars, hand painted t-shirts, or even bake a cake that spells out his/her name! There is no limit to how creative you can be. Instead of waiting for Valentine's day/Birthday/Anniversary, present these to your partner when he least expects them!


  • Surprise her at work as she is on her way to her car or once she leaves her workplace. It could be problematic to do it inside of her workplace.

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