How to Give a Romantic Full-Body Massage

Sometimes all someone needs and wants at the end of a long day of work is a massage to relax and rejuvinate. You can give your significant other a romantic full body massage that she will never forget. Not only will she be more relaxed and refreshed when it's over she'll also be quite appreciative, and perhaps, stimulated. Surprise your lover with a full body massage!

Set up some aromatic candles and light them to get the aroma going through the room. Turn on some soothing, sexy music. Then turn down the lights so they are at least dimmed to a nearly dark point. The candles will provide enough light for you to work with.

Strip the person slowly and sensually. This will put him in the mood instantly. Instruct him to lie face down. Then strip down yourself. Straddle the person, wrapping your legs around his body. Pour hot oil on his back and slowly work it into the back and shoulder area. Use you knuckles to get under the shoulder bones and down the back.

Pour some oil into your palms and work it into her feet and ankles. Once the feet are relaxed and comfortable, the entire body relaxes. Work the oil up the calves and thighs, massaging and stroking the entire time. Grab a firm hold of her butt and massage.

Tell him to flip over. Now he's relaxed and sees you naked, so hopefully he will be turned on. Pour oil down his legs and finish massaging this area, then pour oil on his chest, straddle him again and rub his upper body down. As you massage, start to give him little kisses.

Allow the kisses to turn more and more passionate until you find yourself fully embraced in a sex position. Let the oil run all over your body and press between the two of you. Let yourself go into a full make out session and see what happens.

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Things You Will Need

  • Oil
  • Aromatic candles
  • Soothing music


  • Take your time and make sure your partner is satisfied.
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