How to Give Yourself a Passion Mark

Passion marks, also known as hickeys, are broken blood vessels under the skin caused by the suction of a person's mouth, according to the online love guide, "Romance Class." They are called passion marks because they are usually given in the heat of passion by one lover to the other. But anyone can give a passion mark to any body, including your own. The placement of a passion mark on one's own body is, of course, limited to the range that one's mouth can touch his or her body.

Place your mouth on chosen body part, forming an open "O" shape with your lips.

Suck the skin in your mouth as hard as possible. You must form a vacuum suction with your mouth in order to break the blood vessels, so suck hard and make sure your mouth is completely closed around the skin.

Continue sucking for about 30 seconds or until the desired level of redness is achieved. The passion mark will start off as a bright red color, but will darken as a bruise over several days. Passion marks go through the same transitions of color as any bruise. You'll see it go from red to purple, from purple to almost black, from black to a nearly green color, from greenish to yellow, and finally, from yellow to your normal skin color.

Wait for the passion mark to disappear as you would any bruise. Columbia University's "Go Ask Alice" column explains that there is no fast way to get rid of a hickey. If you give yourself a passion mark and decide you don't like it, the only options other than waiting patiently for it to disappear are covering it with clothing or make-up.

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Things You Will Need

  • Mouth
  • Suction


  • Biting a little during suction may help to darken your passion mark, but this is not the same as a passion mark. Your result will be a "biting" passion mark because passion marks are caused by suction, not biting.

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