How to Go out With a Guy as Just a Friend

A good guy friend is something every girl needs. Going out with a guy just as friends is easy if you are sure to send clear signals that you are not interested in him romantically, particularly at the beginning of your friendship.

Hang out with other people around. Go out as part of a group at first until you have established your friendship.

Invite another friend to come along, or at least mention that you were thinking of inviting someone else to come along. The mention of other people, even if they are not actually there, can break any tension brought on by being alone together.

Pay for yourself. Not allowing him to pay for you sends a clear message to the guy that you do not consider this a date.

Talk about other guys, especially ones you're interested in, ex-boyfriends or sexy celebrities. Introduce your friend to any guys you start dating.

Go to well-lit, casual restaurants. Stay away from elegant and expensive eateries full of couples.

Dress casually when you go out, without showing a lot of skin. Wear the clothes you would wear if you were just hanging out with your girlfriends.

Choose movies without a lot of romance or sex scenes, such as action movies. Get your own popcorn and soda at the movies, to avoid any awkward moments where your hands might touch in the popcorn bag.

Break some of these rules once your friendship is well established.

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  • Don't touch the guy. Even a playful slap can send the wrong signal.

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