Good Dating Ideas for LDS People

For the followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), dating and courtship are necessary steps towards marriage. The principle of marriage is important to LDS followers and is greatly respected. The LDS require youth to hold off dating until the age of 16, as compared to other youth, who begin dating as early as13. However, development of serious relationships should take place after completion of their "mission," in the case of boys, and completion of high school for girls.

LDS Dating Websites

LDS dating websites offer suitable venues for finding dates, whether for casual or long-term serious relationships. These sites center on spirituality, enabling you to find a date of similar religious orientation. This helps overcome the awkwardness of having to explain to an outsider the principles of your religious beliefs and avoids the uncertainty of their acceptance of your religion. These sites have chat rooms where you can hold discussions with potential dates and engage in instant messaging (IM) and voice introductions. You can also exchange photos. Examples of such sites include and


Social and church gatherings organized by LDS people also offer an appropriate venues for meeting a date according to the LDS doctrine. The fact that you're in the company of friends, family and chaperones who can supervise your interactions is morally acceptable. This setting is also encouraged, as you can meet a date of similar religious persuasion.

Dating Venue

Selection of an appropriate date venue is important. Despite the restrictions set by the church on suitable venues, you can still make a memorable date experience. Bars, club scenes and X-rated movies are forbidden. Dinner in a cozy restaurant gives you an opportunity be better acquainted with your date. You can also engage in a group activity like a picnic or watch a G-rated movie together. However, your parents may limit you to a setting involving a family or church function. Whatever the activity, make the time to have a one-on-one conversation with your date.

Dress Code

Dress appropriately for the date. The religion champions self-respect portrayed through a person's general conduct, which excludes sloppy dressing styles. Avoid display of parts of the body like thighs and breasts. Dresses that fall below your knees with high necklines are recommended.

Date Conduct

Ensure your date enjoys your company. Listen to her, maintain eye contact and ask questions that help you get to know each other better. Avoid topics that border on sex discussion; this encourages unsuitable thoughts. The LDS theology strictly forbids sex before marriage. Sexual intimacy, including long passionate kissing and petting during the date is forbidden. You can, however, hold your date's hand or give her a chaste, short kiss on the forehead or cheek. After the date, avoid staying in dark places or alone in enclosed spaces.

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