What Are Some Good Double Dating Ideas?

Double dating can ease the pressure of dating for teens, and can provide a fun way to socialize in a larger group for adults. Double dating also gives you a chance to get to know your friend's significant other (and vice versa). Choose fun, active outings for a double date rather than passive activities, so you can all interact and become friends.

Game Night

Whatever your age, on your next double date you could gather at one person’s house or apartment with a set of board games or a deck of cards and plenty of snacks and refreshments. Have fun getting into a competitive game of cards or Monopoly, or a team game such as Pictionary or Taboo. You could also play a board game to get better aquainted, such as Loaded Questions, in which players have to guess who gave what answer to a given question.

Ice Skating

Ice skating works well as a double dating activity in the winter, and it's great for any age. If you don’t live near a park with an outdoor skating rink, see if any local colleges or high schools allow guests to skate on their rink on weekends. You could even try to play a bit of two-on-two ice hockey. Make plans to go out for coffee or a warm beverage afterward.


In the summer, you can go tubing down a river for a leisurely, sunny afternoon. Inquire about inner tube rentals and tubing routes at a local canoe outfitter, and plan to have a picnic lunch in a sunny spot once you get out of the river. Alternative summer river outings for active individuals include canoeing or kayaking.

Winery Tour

If you're over 21, consider taking a short road trip to a nearby vineyard or winery for a tour and tasting. Or visit a local brewery instead. If you can’t find a nearby winery or brewery, host your own tasting at home. Ask a customer service assistant at your local wine shop to help you choose a variety of wines for a tasting. Or purchase a variety of microbrew beers instead.

Outdoor Music Festivals

Get tickets for four to an outdoor music festival packed with bands and performers you’ll all love. The eclectic line-up of most music festivals ensures that each person in the group will be thrilled about at least one performance. Plan a fun road trip to get to and from the festival.

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