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A pretty, curtained flirtA pretty, curtained flirt

Most of us flirt and don't even know it. Flirting is a fun pasttime that can raise self-esteem, improve social skills and bring about new relationships. It's not necessary to become a skilled pick-up artist in order to be a successful flirt. Instead, use natural talents to find and attract the love of your life.

Keep It Light

Flirting is supposed to be fun--that's the cardinal rule. If flirting feels like a competition or a life-or-death situation, you're not doing it right. A good flirt is subtle, fast and almost offhand in approach. Remember that it's is a fun game. Don't be attached to a particular outcome. As Top Dating Tips notes, "Many forms of flirting are simply outgrowths of the way you behave when you meet someone you really like and are interested in having a romantic relationship with."

Always Smile

A big smile is the warmest, easiest flirtation method of all. Happy people are approachable and give off a positive vibe that others want to be around. In fact, simply smiling at the object of your affection may be enough to trigger his or her flirtatious streak, bringing quick results. Make sure your smile is genuine; your eyes crinkle in the corners when you're really grinning. People subconsciously read a fake smile, so avoid putting on an act.

Avoid Bad Pick-up Lines--In Some Cases

It's usually the kiss of death in dating to ask, " you come here often?" Lines like this will usually elicit an irritated groan and a sharp put-down in reply. Instead, simply say hello or offer an honest compliment. Once again, make it clear that you expect nothing in return, and be ready to walk away if your flirtation isn't acted on. In some cases, however, a bad pick-up line can bring laughs. Be over the top, and deliver the line in a comedic fashion. Your recipient will probably laugh, and that's a quick path to getting a phone number.

Don't Be Afraid to Touch

A slight touch on the arm or knee sends the signal of attraction and interest. Since this is an entry into a person's private space, it's best to do this after meeting and speaking for a while. Good approaches include covering her hand with your own, brushing hair from the face, or resting your hand in the small of her back while walking. Remember not to stray close to private areas like breasts and bottoms in order to avoid a drink in the face.

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