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How to Be a Good Flirt

Flirting for singles is a great way to show interest in someone. For those who are in relationships, you can still flirt with your significant other thus keeping the relationship alive and healthy. Check out this article on how to be a good flirt!


Establishing eye contact is a great way to get the ball rolling when engaging in the art of flirtation. It is the first contact you'll have and perhaps the most crucial, so make sure your eyes reflect you.

For Singles: Keep eye contact subtle, but distinct. Mystery is very important to those you don't know. Don't reveal everything in your eyes; you want the person chasing you, desiring to know you. Also your eyes will give that special person a glimpse of who you might be, so try not to come off as creepy or cheap or easy...unless of course that's your swing... O_o

For Couples: Do you remember the first time your special someone took your breath away? Okay, so maybe not took your breath away, but the look you gave them that made you both feel you're really happy together...that's the look you should have when you want to feel spontaneous or get into that special mood! ;)


Your body is a very effective communicant of yourself. If you show that you're relaxed and calm, you're more likely to attract more. If you're showing signs of stress or are jittery, you could look like you're trouble.

For Singles: Have a good thought running in your mind. Remember that time you felt accomplished, did something productive, or felt really good about yourself? Get that feeling of confidence in you and your body will respond. You want to feel confident so that you'll show confidence. Nothing attracts others more than someone easy going and non-challenging. No need for your body language to be prominent or even subtle, keep things relaxed and it'll come to you.

For Couples: Affection is very important with your partner. You have to fan the flame every now and then, and by doing so, you're ensuring that he/she is still very much attractive and maybe even sexy in your eyes. You both should already feel comfortable around each other, so making simple gestures shouldn't be too hard.


To be an effective speaker is to be an effective listener. When speaking to another, keep the conversation about them. It'll show that you're interested in them. When listening, remember what they're saying so you can apply what they're saying in future conversations.

For Singles: It never hurts to ask questions! Start with simple questions that are appropriate to ask. You can open with something casual or with something specific such as the location you're both at or something you both might have in common. Believe it or not, conversations are much easier to have since it's the body language and eye contact that does most of the flirting.

For Couples: Take a walk down memory lane. Tease each other on little things you did that were silly or humorous. You'll find more what you like in each other by remembering why you like each other. Also, make aware of how much you like/love each other every now and then. Compliment each other like their looks. Confidence can be inspired, so complimenting can go a very long way!

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Things You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • Charming Personality
  • Ability to Carry a Conversation
  • Ability to Make Eye Contact
  • Good Hygiene


  • Try to keep things appropriate unless the mood is mutual to go a step further. You don't want to come across as easy or creepy.


  • Be aware of the "date rape" drug. Don't let your drink out of your sight. If you're at a bar, get the drink from the bartender.

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