Good Headers for Dating Profiles

Make your online dating profile header stand out.Make your online dating profile header stand out.

Online dating is a convenient way to meet people you might not encounter at your local nightclub or through mutual friends. When it comes to creating successful online dating profiles, grabbing the attention of your targeted audience is key. Make a catchy and interesting profile headline to encourage others to find out more about you.


An effective dating profile headline is one that piques the curiosity of others. Avoid making mundane and straightforward taglines, such as "Nice guy looking for a funny girl." After all, most people think that they are nice and most people are looking for someone with a sense of humor. Make yourself stand out. Get people curious with a header such as "One day with me will change your life."


Use discretion when writing a dating profile header. Stay away from using too many complimentary adjectives about yourself. Avoid looking boastful. Instead of broadcasting to the world that you are witty and adventurous, use your headline to indicate you are those things. Instead of saying "adventurous," call yourself a skydiver. Instead of deeming yourself "pensive," mention that you go through five novels a week (if you want to attract bookworms of the opposite sex, that is).

Strategic Positioning

Online dating is a lot like marketing. Essentially, you are marketing yourself to target the appropriate person. Remember that you are looking to reach the right person and not every person out there. This concept is known by the name, "strategic positioning." Define who you want to attract and determine how you will do so. If you want to attract sporty women, use your headline to reflect your rugged and athletic side. This will not draw in women who are fans of the symphony and staying inside, perhaps, but will help you get the attention of people with similar interests.


Although the phrase might seem tired and old, honesty is indeed the best policy. Be truthful with your online dating profile header. If things go well, you will be meeting dates in real life and eventually your descriptions will be tested. Avoid all the trouble of embellishing and be honest from the start. Avoid bold lies such as "5-foot-10 blonde bombshell seeking good-hearted man" if you are significantly shorter and have red hair, for example. Also avoid lies about accomplishments that you cannot hope to complete, such as "Marathon runner seeking love in the Big Apple." An appropriate dating profile headline is one that focuses on the positive aspects of the truth.

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