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Sitting right on the Ohio River, and bleeding over into Kentucky, the city of Cincinnati offers plenty in terms of meeting singles.Sitting right on the Ohio River, and bleeding over into Kentucky, the city of Cincinnati offers plenty in terms of meeting singles.

Cincinnati is a historically diverse, medium-sized city that has a range of opportunities for singles looking to meet other singles. Downtown Cincinnati has a small but developed nightlife district, and the suburbs are sprinkled with districts of one-off bars and clubs. Everybody should be able to find their perfect locale--the offerings are diverse, and the people exhibit the well-known Midwestern hospitality.

Fancy and Bourgeois

The interior of the Blind Lemon reminds you of an old, oak-barrel tavern.

The Blind Lemon, located in the upper-class Mt. Adams, is an English basement-style café that serves up expensive cocktails and craft beers that you can enjoy in front of some live music and a fireplace. There is a bar area for mingling with strangers, and tables to enjoy private conversations. It's also connected to the Mt. Adams Bar and Grill, a fairly-priced restaurant that serves classic American bar food.

Gay and Lesbian

The gay and lesbian scene is well represented by Adonis, the city's only club with a pool.

Adonis, Cincinnati's hottest gay and lesbian hotspot, is situated right on the Ohio river, about 15 minutes outside of downtown. The club boasts a clean and friendly environment, a diverse selection of DJs and music, and even an outdoor pool. Singles from all orientations and backgrounds can meet in its safe and exciting environment.

Chic and Urban

The downtown area is perfect for parking and walking--you can spend your entire night bar-hopping.

Nada, a modern Mexican restaurant, offers two levels of dining and bars and is situated right down the street from the famous Nicholson's Tavern and Pub, which serves a full menu of scotch whiskey and imported beer, especially catering to the thirty-and-older crowd. Both of these locations are within walking distance of ample parking, many other hotspots, and Fountain Square--the heart of Cincinnati.

Historic and Old School

Warm, independent jazz bands gather and create the perfect relaxed mood for mingling.

Cincinnati's historic jazz and blues scene is represented by the Mansion Hill Tavern, located right across the river in Newport, which showcases local fusion bands to a more mature crowd. There's also Dee Felice, a classy Cajun restaurant with nightly jazz and a full bar. Both offer a perfect, casual environment for striking up conversations and meeting other singles, and are great for those not looking for a night of crazy cocktails and dancing.

Trendy and Alternative

Open-mic nights offer both entertainment and laughter, and a smaller, more concentrated crowd of music-lovers.

For the alternative scene, the Southgate House fits the bill perfectly: it offers three floors of old-style rooms, each with its own band and bar, including a fully-equipped ballroom for larger acts. The bar space and table arrangements are perfectly situated to let you meet new people, and the music caters to a wide variety of tastes. Drinks are relatively cheap as well, and there are open-mic nights.

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