Good Romantic Affordable Gifts

Romantic gifts don't have to be overly expensive.Romantic gifts don't have to be overly expensive.

A romantic gift does not have to be expensive, in fact some easy and affordable gifts can be made from items you probably already have around your home. If you don't have the opportunity to make a gift, plenty of other gift giving options exist that are perfect when it comes time to give a gift to someone special.

Message in a Bottle

While you can purchase message-in-a-bottle gifts, even personalized and embellished ones- it is also a very simple and practically cost-free gift you can make yourself with materials from around the house. By taking an old wine bottle (make sure you have the cork, too), rinsing it out and letting it dry, you have your bottle. Use a nice piece of paper and write a love letter to your loved one. Put the message in the bottle in the bathtub after you draw your loved one a bath (be careful to make sure you have sealed it well). Alternatively, put the wine bottle somewhere in your kitchen and ask your loved one to retrieve it.

Coupon Books

Another gift that just takes some imagination is a coupon book. Create your own coupons on the computer or by hand and staple them together to create a book. Your coupons can be silly or romantic but should be all about the person you are giving them to. Some ideas for coupons include a free massage, a free car wash, a game of truth or dare, a night out, a movie night--her choice, one chore free day, a "get out of making dinner free" card and anything else you think she may enjoy.

Sweets for Your Sweets Care Package

Sending your loved one a romantic gift of candies through the mall is a sure fire way to let them know you are thinking of him and that you want him to know you care. When sending along a gift of candy paired with a "Sweets for my Sweet," make sure you include candy you know the recipient will like. The care package idea can easily be put together around many themes: "Movie Night" can include a copy of the recipient's favorite movie along with microwave popcorn, candy and a gift certificate to a movie store. A "Travel Pack" can include a deck of cards, crossword puzzles, a disposable camera and a small photo album.

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