Great Romantic Gift Ideas

Romantic gifts should reflect the feelings one person has for another.Romantic gifts should reflect the feelings one person has for another.

Romantic gifts range from the elaborate to the simple. They can also be creative. Depending on budget, a giver can put together a DIY package or purchase high-end items. No matter what, the gift should be an expression of the devotion and passion one person has for another.


Personalize a gift by burning a CD with favorite love songs.

Many items today can be personalized with names, dates or sentiments. One idea is to have semi-precious stones engraved with amorous proverbs and quotes. Semi-precious stones include turquoise, carnelian and malachite, and there are companies that can etch them with specific words and phrases. Other possibilities are to either etch picture frames with hearts and include a picture that is meaningful to the receiver or make a CD of favorite love songs. Also think about giving jewelry such as inscribed heart pendants. If the gift is between married couples, have the wedding vows written on either a glass or wooden plaque that can be hung.


Fill a picnic basket with such romantic amenities as champagne.

Sometimes the best route to a person's heart is using old-fashioned methods. Start by stocking a picnic basket with champagne and champagne glasses. Add a box of chocolate-covered strawberries, a dozen red roses and scented candles. Put in fire kindling as a promise of a romantic night by the fireside. If possible, include jewelry.


Taking an old-fashioned scroll, put a romantic poem or love letter in a bottle.

Get creative by taking real or silk red roses and line the petal tips with superglue. Sprinkle gold glitter on the glue to present a gift that represents love and that also declares that the receiver is priceless to the giver. Or write a love poem or passionate letter on an old-fashioned looking scroll and put it in a bottle. Then there is the option of purchasing a star from one of the so-called star-naming organizations and giving your love a map of the constellations that pinpoints where her star is located. The star name will not be recognized by any scientific organization, but she will have an official-looking piece of paper she can frame to remind her of your love.


One DIY option is to fill a jar with candy hearts that are stamped with loving words.

There is always the option of DIY romantic gifts. A simple gift is to fill a jar with candy hearts that are stamped with loving statements, and then tie a red string around where the lid is screwed on. Or go to a local craft store, purchase a heart-shaped cardboard box and wrap it with red wrapping paper or cellophane. Write down declarations of love, fold them up and put them in the box in lieu of chocolates. Or consider taking postcards of cities and places associated with romance, such as the Eiffel Tower or a gorgeous beach, and put them together in a booklet. Another idea is to take a regular tape measure and put stickers with loving sayings on it, adding a card that states that your love is immeasurable.

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