How to Grill a Romantic Dinner

Grilling is often associated with paper plates, hamburgers, hot dogs and cold beer, but forget all that, now grilling is going romantic. Follow these steps and turn the backyard barbecue into a romantic dinner for two.

Toss out all the common grilling practices. Leave the hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids and in-laws. To make the grill romantic, fruits and fine meats must be brought in. This means spending some extra money and skipping the mega super markets. Visit a local fruit stand and seek out a butcher shop, where quality is not repressed for quantity.

There are certain fruits that just burst with flavor on the grill. Pick out a fresh pineapple. Slice the pineapple so it remains in round pieces, about a half inch thick and cook directly on the grill. With pineapple in hand, pick up some peaches and bananas. Slice the peaches in half and place directly on the grill. Take the bananas, unpeeled and lay them on the grill, but away from the heat. Feel free to experiement, but remember don't overcook the fruit, just enough to warm up it through.

One of the best tastes in the world is fresh cut pork chops, grilled to perfection covered with grilled pineapple. The thickness of the pork chop is a personal choice, but keeping them on the small side is certainly more dainty and thus romantic. Remember not too make the meal all about the meat, provide the lady with an array of tastes and options. Some other prime meats are of course steak and lamb. Ask the butcher for his opinion and what works best on the grill.

Where to eat the meal is crucial in a romantic setting. Some people are fortunate enough to have a secluded back yard. If so, set up the table outside with some fresh flowers cut from her garden. Make sure the table is covered with a nice cloth and light some torches, placed around the table. If the yard is not secluded move things inside as gawking neighbors is far from romantic. But do much the same, using real plates and silverware, set a romantic table, but replace the torches with candles.

Clean up quickly, put on your favorite outfit and enjoy the meal.

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Things You Will Need

  • Fruits
  • Real plates
  • Grill
  • Wine
  • Fine meats

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