Guidelines for Dating

The do's and dont's of datingThe do's and dont's of dating

Although people delving into the world of dating are not provided a rule book before they begin their quest for a soul mate, there are still plenty of well-known do's and dont's that can help people avoid dating disaster. Being an active listener, listening to your gut, and keeping things simple are all helpful tips when searching for love. Here are some common dating guidelines to help you survive in the dating world.

Watch the Cocktails

Although alcohol works well at calming nerves and jitters, getting too drunk is usually quite off-putting for most people. Limit yourself to two drinks, and then switch to water. Alcohol can also cause people to say and do things they normally wouldn't do, which can put someone in a very awkward situation. The last thing someone wants to do on a date is take care of a drunk person that they hardly know.


When your date is talking to you, pay attention. Give him the attention he deserves, and the attention you would want if you were the one speaking. Listen to what he has to say and make it appear that you care and that you find the conversation engaging. No one likes to feel like they are talking to a wall, so act interested.

Don't Delve into Deep Conversation

If this date is early on in the relationship, be sure to keep the conversation light and airy. Don't try prying into his past just yet, that is a surefire way to make him uncomfortable and feel like you are crossing a boundary. Ask simple questions and try not to ask personal questions unless he volunteers information relevant to more serious topics. Avoid interrogating your date.

Trust Your Intuition

Humans were programmed with a gut instinct in order to warn them when they are in bad situations and also to let them know when they are safe. Trust your gut when you start dating someone. If you have a bad feeling about the person, listen to your intuition. Likewise, if you have a strong feeling that they are a good match, trust that, too.

Watch for Red Flags

Just like your gut tells you if the person is a good match or not, red flags warn you of problematic areas in the person you are dating. Rambling on about ex-girlfriends, avoiding simple questions and appearing to be "perfect" can all be warning signs that this person is not who he seems to be. Paying attention to red flags can help you avoid getting into a relationship with the wrong guy.

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