How to Get a Guy to Answer the Phone

Getting a guy to answer his phone takes patience.Getting a guy to answer his phone takes patience.

There are several reasons why a guy might not answer his phone. Certain reasons are trickier to deal with than others. If you and the guy have had an argument, he may ignore your calls out of anger or spite. Another reason might simply be that he is with friends and doesn't want to be rude to them by answering his phone. Before aggressively attempting to get a guy to answer your call, it is important to understand the reasons why he isn't picking up and to assess whether calling him is a reasonable idea given the situation.

Leave a voicemail message asking him to call you back. Briefly explain your reason for calling and, if necessary, explain why you need him to return the call. A voicemail message is the most straightforward, candid method of encouraging the guy to get in touch with you.

Send a text message to his phone that explains why it is important for him to answer the phone the next time you call. If he is busy, he may ignore your call, assuming it isn't serious. By sending him a text message that explains the importance of the situation, he is more likely to pick up when you try ringing him again.

Contact him through his email or social networking website profile. It is possible that the guy is not answering your calls because he is away from his phone. By contacting him through email or his personal profile on a social networking site, you can broaden your chances of getting in touch with him.

Give it time. If the matter you wish to discuss is not urgent, wait a few days before you attempt to call the guy again. This allows time for any heated emotions or hesitancy on his part to subside and make him more likely to answer your call.

Discuss your phone communication with the guy if it becomes a regular issue. If you and the guy are in a relationship, explain to him why you feel that it is important that he answers your phone calls. Ask him to honestly explain why he doesn't answer your calls sometimes and tell him how it makes you feel. Work together to form an agreement regarding your phone communication. For example, you may promise not to call him when he is out with his friends unless it is an urgent matter, and he may promise to call you after work to let you know his evening plans. Come up with a plan that works for both of you.

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  • If a guy continually refuses to answer your calls and ignores all of your attempts to contact him, it is important to respect his decision and stop contacting him. If you continue to call the guy despite his clear disinterest in speaking to you, he may feel harassed or stalked by your behavior.

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