How to Get a Guy to Cuddle

Regular physical contact can strength a relationship.Regular physical contact can strength a relationship.

Cuddling can strengthen a relationship by providing an opportunity for a couple to express their affection physically in a warm, comforting embrace. However, it is natural to feel shy about wanting a guy to cuddle you. Though simply asking him or initiating the embrace yourself is the most forthright way of achieving this, there are other more subtle ways if you do not wish to be so forward.

Step 1

Create a comfortable, relaxed and private environment for the two of you to enjoy together. For example, invite him over to watch a movie when you have the house to yourself. Pick an area where the two of you will instinctively sit close together, such as the couch in the living room. Use this opportunity to lean in toward him and place your head on his chest. If you wish to break the silence, say something like "Ah, it feels good to relax," or "You're looking really cozy today."

Step 2

Use fragrant beauty products that he will be able to smell and enjoy as he cuddles with you. For example, keep your hair smelling fresh with scented shampoo so when you cuddle he does not smell sweat or body odor. However, don't wear so much perfume that the odor is distracting or nauseating.

Step 3

Talk softy to encourage him to pull you in closer and to emphasize the intimate environment. Explain to him how you enjoy his hugs and long chats. This will allow him to recognize that you consider sitting close together and talking an activity in and of itself.

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  • Open and honest communication is important in building a strong relationship. If your guy does not pick up on your subtle cues, simply tell him you want to cuddle more. It could be the case that he has simply not read your hints correctly.


  • Avoid being overly insistent on cuddling or initiating cuddling in public situations. This behavior may be considered needy, annoying or inappropriate. If your boyfriend claims that you are being clingy, take time to reconsider your own sense of self. Your dependence on him might be a result of low self-esteem. On the other hand, you and your boyfriend might simply have different levels of attachment.

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