How to Get a Guy Friend to Like You

Becoming more than friends.Becoming more than friends.

We all have friends of the opposite sex. There may come a time when you wish to make one of those individuals more than friends. Getting into a relationship with one of your friends can be difficult for several reasons. For starters, your friend may never have looked at you in any other way than as a friend. You must first change that before you can attempt to start any relationship with one of your friends.

Begin dressing differently around your guy friend. Normally, you probably don't care how you look when you're around your guy friends. When you want one of them to like you, though, you must begin altering your appearance slightly. You don't want to dress "trashy" or anything of that nature. Instead, dress as you would if you were going out on a casual date. Do your hair and makeup and wear nice clothing. Be subtle about it, though, as you don't want the way you dress to come right out and tell your guy friend that you like him.

Start spending alone time with your guy friend. Chances are that you probably hang out with your guy friend when you are around your other friends, as well. Begin doing things with just your guy friend, such as eating out, simply sitting around, or watching TV or movies. You want to keep this as casual as possible at first, though, as you don't want these times to seem like a date.

Do random nice things periodically for your guy friend. Every guy, whether he admits it or not, likes to be pampered and taken care of by a girl. You shouldn't do this every day nor should you spend tons of money on your guy friend. You could, for example, offer to buy him a beer when you're out at a bar or buy him his favorite candy bar when you're at the grocery store simply because you thought of him.

Take interest in your guy friend's interests. Every guy wants a girlfriend to like at least some of the things he likes. If your guy friend loves sports, offer to go to a ballgame with him. Go to an action movie with him if your guy friend enjoys those films. This is a good way to both attract his attention and spend more alone time with him.

Slowly become affectionate with your guy friend. You don't want to try and kiss him immediately. Instead, wrap your arms around one of his when you're watching TV together or standing next to one another. Perhaps you could grab for his hand when the two of you are in the car. Ease your way into this and your guy friend will most likely respond the way you want him to.

Use your mutual friends to press the issue. To do this, it's important that you have a few of the same friends and that those friends want to see the two of you together (or at least have no problem with the two of you dating). Hopefully, your mutual friends will begin talking about you to your guy friend. They could mention how cute they think you are and that they've noticed some chemistry between you and your guy friend. If nothing else, this will get your guy friend to begin thinking about the possibility of dating you.

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  • Beware that doing these things will most likely forever change your relationship with your guy friend. This is even more true if the two of you end up dating. A breakup will most likely end the friendship or at best cause serious damage to the relationship.

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